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What can I say I like to be face fucked

My hand pushes and pulls at the sensitive flesh. A hiss pushes past your parted lips. A shift of bodies, you lean in closer grinding your knee against my cock, nipping at my lip. A loan moan fill my ears, my hips tilt up grinding my cock between my pelvic bone and your knee. My hand tightens its grip as my fingers curl digging into the tender flesh. The conflicting sensations of pleasure and pain flow over me. I whimper seeking out your touch. Soft lips touch my cheek. My cock twitches. My hips buck up into nothing as you shift away from me.

“Tease” my voice dry and low. I try to swallow. “I know I know” Your eyes capture mine and your lip curls in a sadistic smirk.

I can feel the skins tug and pull in me palm, biting your lip, my thumb slides across your slit, digging into you. A hiss blows by your lips your hand extends and grips the cushion behind my head fisting it tightly. Your hips tilt and rock thrusting yourself in my palm.

I wiggle down under you watching the head of your cock slowly inching closer my mouth begins to water. I pant and whimper. Closer still, I can see your thighs trembling and hear the skin of your cock and my palm slide against each other. My jaw tightens and I stretch out trying to reach your head, you sway above me thrusting into my hand.

The head of your cock brushes against my chin and I hold my breath, reaching out and kissing the tip of your cock. My tongue darts from my lips sinking itself into your slit.

You tremble, moaning swaying your hips to my lips sliding your cock into my mouth. I devour your shaft. My hand grabs your ass roughly, pulling you to my face... I hear your whimpers. My tongue pushes up along your vein as I suck harder on you, guiding your hips back and forth.

My teeth graze across your shaft as you buck harder into my mouth. I push and pull at your sides. You cock slams into the back of my throat. We moan and whimper. My nails dig into your hips as you fuck my mouth in frenzied passion.
I can feel you tense up; your cock twitches in spasms in my mouth. I feel you slamming harder nearly pushing me head into the cushions. A hard pound into the back of my throat you shiver moaning pulling at my hair and I feel the warmth of your orgasm flow down my throat.
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