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Master Debater

We banter back in forth the debate becomes more and more intense. The meaning of matter, dark matter and theories of time and space particles, I watch your eyes fiery and filled passion your words intellect making me shift. Your minds as fucking hot as you are. I move closer and smirk

“c’mre “you pat your lap. I give into to your demand and the debate ends as I straddle your lap, I watch I watch me; my hair tickles your cheek in a soft brush. I tilt my head betokening your lips to my mine. Pillow talk and soft laughter play back and forth amongst kisses and slow grinds on bony hips.

Your fingers touch my sides softly. I tug at your shirt and it slides between us, your back arching like a cat letting the material flow off your pale skin. I admire you tasting your soft lips with each breath pulling me in closer to your passion,

I feel my shirt pull away from me and my hair lay back against my bare spine. Our eyes capture each other, Bitten lip the glide of a tongue, and our hands move to your belts the buckles clinking in the silence only being accompanied by our bated breath.

I peer down in the darkness of your jeans as my hand slips in to them. I can feel your shaft hard in affirmation of your desires. Finger by finger I grip around you stroke by stroke I relaxing and tighten my grip. You head falls back, your eyes closed. Your hands grip my hips rocking me in time with each stroke. ‘Harder” Your whisper likes a distant roll of thunder. low guttural and primal.

I snake down kissing over your throat, following the natural trail down your chest purring with each heave of your ribs. My knees slip comfortably to the floor. I can feel your hand running over my head your fingers entangles in my hair pulling me to your cock throbbing in my palm.

A quick coy smile is shared before my lips press against your head. I caress the soft skin moaning and kissing you tenderly. My tongue darts over the slit of your cock and I taste you slightly. I dip my tongue deeper into you feeling the skin push open. Your moans fill my ears, your hand pulling my hair and head closer to you urging my lips over your head and down your shaft. I let you guide my head as I suck your cock in a rhythmic motion, touching my lips to the base of your pelvis.

You purr tilting your hips up to my lips your hand caressing the back of my skull. I lift up slowly, feeling the skin stretch against my tongue. Your voice cracks and moans, your hand pushing my head back onto you as you buck up smashing your cock into the back of my throat. “Fuck” I lift my tongue up lapping the vein up, sucking harder. Your hand pulls harder on my locks pushing and pulling my head guiding my mouth over your cock I feel your hips tilting harder and faster against me.

I shift closer and grip your thigh feeling my nails dogging into your thigh. God I want to taste you. I suck harder swallowing the saliva building in my mouth as I salivate at the thought of your on coming orgasm, my throat constricts around you the air getting hot and harder to breathe, my hair sticking to my cheeks.

I can feel your eyes on my watching me. God I wish I could step outside of myself and see your face. I feel your cock twitch and flutter against my pallet. I place my hand over yours on the back of my head moaning. Harder I suck begging in my mind to taste you.

You grip my shoulder and cry out your body jerks up slamming harder into my throat nearly choking me, God I love the way you brutalize me. I whimper out mumbling out my devotion as you’re cum fills my mouth and I savor the taste of your euphoria.
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