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Moving on...

My eyes trail up your body. You toss your head into your arm moaning loudly. I kiss up your alabaster skin, feeling your lungs heave upon my lips. I undo a cuff from your wrist and bring my hand down to cup your chin.

We kiss with eager tongues moans. I grind against you lifting your leg up with my thigh as I get closer to you.

You watch me slip the cuff locking my self to the bed with you. I intertwine my fingers with yours, holding your hand behind the bed rail hearing the cuff rattles as we move.

I kiss along your jaw, searching out your entry probing you lightly before thrusting into you. You arch up into me with a loud moan I rock against you bone on bone pushing deeper into you. You arms wraps up around me pulling me into you as you rock into me.

I sigh into the crook of your neck kissing the warm skin soft and tender with each breath.
My fingers trail down your side, my hips circle in long strong waves smashing harder into you.

Looking down at you I watch your lip break open under the pressure of your teeth, you whimper and moan moving with me. A smile comes over my lips and I lick the crimson from your lip whispering a breathy “I love you “

Passion over comes me taking your kiss in a rush biting back a moan. Your pants hit my mouth, you hips clashing harder against me. I move slow and steady, feeling my muscle Ripple. Panting looking down at you, I grip your hip, pulling you harder against me.

The fresh taste of iron still clinging to my lip, I hold your hand tightly, whimpering “Derek” My voice cracks and I snap my head back. I feel myself twitching against your walls with my climax. You bear down on me hard panting in exhaustion

I release us from the rail of the bed and feel you arms wrap around me as we kiss.

A few minutes of pillow talk and for the first time, we made it to the bed.
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