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Love maps

a person (or image) who sufficiently resembles the [person or] image depicted in someone else's lovemap as to become the recipient onto whom the lovemap is projected in a limerent love affair, regardless of whether the response is one of love requited or, being unrequited, induces a pathological reaction of lovesickness.

a developmental representation or template synchronously in the mind and in the brain depicting the idealized lover, the idealized love affair, and the idealized program of sexuoerotic activity projected in imagery or actually engaged in with the lover.

lovemap displacement
an intrinsic element that, developmentally dislocated from its regular place, becomes repositioned in a lovemap, changing it from a normophilic lovemap into a paraphilic one of the displacement type--for example, genital display in paraphilic exhibitionism.

lovemap inclusion
an extraneous element that becomes developmentally incorporated into a lovemap, changing it from a normophilic lovemap into a paraphilic one of the inclusion type--for example, paraphilic fetishism.

the personal experience and manifest expression of agony when the partner with whom one has fallen in love is a total mismatch whose response is indifference, or a partial mismatch whose reciprocity is incomplete, deficient, anomalous, or otherwise unsatisfactory.
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